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We are an economic consulting firm in Houston. 


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Robotics Software Econ Valuation 


Monte Carlo Modeling


Hypergeometric Modeling


Transfer Pricing: IP Valuation / Migration


Personalized CEO Consulting of a Multinational Enterprise


Discount Lack of Marketability (DLOM) Valuation


Tax Authority Controversy Case on Statistical Sampling


Transfer Pricing Global Planning


Transfer Pricing Documentation Studies of a Multinational (Power Industry)



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Transfer Pricing


CEO Consulting 

We provide transfer pricing planning, compliance, and defense.

Monte Carlo Modeling, Sampling, Hypergeometric Modeling, Discount Lack of Marketability, Risk Register, and Budget Estimators with Risk.

We provide personalized consulting to CEOs on economics, finance, marketing, and compensation.

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EB5 Investments

Analysis of Potential Investments

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