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More modeling for your business!

Oil drilling decisions

Determination of amount of oil or gas in a field

Simulating risk events that either occur or do not occur

Financial / economic forecasting

NPV of an investment

Portfolio analysis

Real Options Pricing

Financial modeling

Credit approval / disapproval

Budget Optimization

Simulation of infection diseases

Competitor entry

New Product Entry

Claims for an insurance company

Business Modeling

Similarly, we can forecast oil pricing for the next day. An illustration is depicted above.


This is done through regression models and probabilistic distributions.


The picture above shows the distribution  0f 10,000 Monte Carlo simulations of the oil price.


For example, when a company is acquired by a public company, the stock of the acquirer behaves in a particular way (restricted stock). This has tax and financial implications and it is important to have solid statistical support for the projected price.  We can compute thousands of statistical simulations on how the price is going to behave that day.


Other modeling solutions include:


Mineral mine lease

Six Sigma modeling

Workforce planning

Sports outcomes simulations


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